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Feed Your Passion

Sometimes in life we forget how important it is to follow our true passion. I know you're thinking "how is it possible to forget something that matters so much?". This happens often when we let the journeys of everyday life strip us of what matters the most. Sometimes we make decisions that are necessary for right now, forgetting what our end goal is. Never get so caught up in the "now", that you forget to water your future. When something is meant for you, it won't leave your spirit alone. No matter what other things you encounter or partake in, if it is not your true passion, you are guaranteed to feel incomplete in some way, shape, or form. It's imperative to pursue those things that makes you, you. I know that a lot of us prolong or dismiss our passions because we think of everything that could go wrong instead of the things that could go right. However, most of us don't realize that fear is all an illusion. Nearly everything we experience is a mind thing. So if you take the approach of not letting fear overcome you, then the fear will be non-existent. Although i'm sure that it's easier said than done, the hard work it takes to get there is necessary and worth it. Your journey here on earth should never be "half done". You owe it to yourself to fulfill your destiny in its' entirety. Never allow yourself to put down the one thing that makes you an individual. So what if your passion consists of a road less traveled? That makes it even more unique. I truly believe that if you follow what your heart leads you to do, the revenue will always eventually come. So if you can't stop thinking about that side hustle, your own business, attending school, a certain career path, etc... MAKE IT HAPPEN! I know it's only human to think of the mistakes you'll make and the possible failures that may happen. But REMEMBER: it is better to try and fail at something you love, than to win at something you hate.

Love & Light in all things,

Brianna B.

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