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Owner and CEO is 27 year old Brianna Butler. Brianna has always been the girl that loved pairing dope shirts to tennis shoes, colorful and retro tennis shoes to be exact. This was the inspiration for the name of her brand. No matter the setting, she always preferred kicks over any other shoe. However, if you love tennis shoes as much as Brianna, then you know that it's sometimes hard to find the perfect shirt to match your dope colorful kicks. But look no further, BriRetro has you covered! Whether you want to compliment your kicks or just add dope pieces to your closet, BriRetro specializes in custom shirts, retro and vintage t-shirts, shirts for events, and more!

Not only will you be able to shop, but Brianna also loves to talk and share her views on things. So with that being said, she decided to add a blog section called "Brainstorms with Bri" where a new entry will be posted each Sunday about various topics, such as: everyday life, friendships, holistic health, women's health, relationships, spirituality, and etc. So make sure you visit our site at 6 p.m every Sunday for a new entry. Fill out the subscribe form below to receive email notifications when I publish a new blog post!!!

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